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First Kindle Launched

U.S.A.This will be a short and very sweet announcement tonight.

My first book on Kindle, “How-to Slay a Writer’s Dragon: Or, Poor Richard’s Twisted Sister” went live on Amazon tonight. Getting it ready was a challenge–more because of interruptions and unexpected obligations than anything else.

This first volume of six has breached the envelope for me. Now I can proceed to get the others written. One of the dragon books will launch every other month now.

Between these short, instructional books will be either flash fiction anthologies, short story collections, or non-fiction books for middle grade readers. I have several series being written in tandem at present.

And there you have the news. You’ll find the book at:

Anyone who wants to write a review of it is encouraged to do so, good or bad. Good is wonderful, bad is instructional for me. I’ll ask you questions as to how to improve it or add to it.

Have a terrific week, peeps. I’ll be back soon with more doings.

Launch Date for Kindle Book

Design by BJJones Photography

Design by BJJones Photography

Now that things are settling down at home and our guest will be leaving tomorrow afternoon, I’m designating Sunday, September 29, as my official launch day for How-To Slay a Writer’s Dragon: Or, Poor Richard’s Twisted Sister.

To get you prepared for the event, a small excerpt from one of the challenge exercises in the book was placed in a post under the Works-In-Progress page. It will give you a small taste of what is offered in the first of the Writer’s Dragon books.

Barring desperate emergencies, I’ll finally be able to get this small volume up and published on schedule. I had trouble getting that done. Something comes along each time to prevent it. I count on making it this round.

Do I have other things on the docket coming up? You bet! I have a short story that I’m rewriting for expansion to get submitted to Tor Books within the next month. I also have a sample collection of Flash Fiction stories to submit to Kindle Singles within the next several weeks. At the same time, I have another Dragon book to work on, as well as regular work on my women’s novel Dreamie’s Box.

* * *

On a different note, I encourage everyone to check around the different pages here. Each week I’ll be adding another work or two that are “In Progress.” I’ll also be adding explanations to other pages or excerpts of work from one piece of fiction or bits from articles I’m working on. Those are open for readers to comment on, as well.

To keep up with new posts around here, follow me on Twitter at: @Claudsy1 and Facebook at:

Hope to see you here often. See you later,



Book Cover Choices

This past week I placed my potential book covers on FB for a general choice voting for the one that pleased the reader the most. Within a few hours, I had my answer and my new cover. Here it is.  U.S.A.

While the process was going on, I thought about past book covers that caught my eye in bookstores. The covers used by David Eddings for both his Mallorean and his Belgariad series flashed immediately to mind. Robert Aspirin always had fun and quirky covers for his “Myth” series books. Koko’s paw prints wandered across front covers of Lillian Jackson Braun’s “Cat Who” mysteries.

Iconic covers seem to be the goal of every writer in the business today. The writer’s brand must come equipped with its own recognizable cover aspects. It could be the font, or the colors, or perhaps the subtle style is enough. Should the title be on top or lower down and the author’s name on top becomes an issue.

Back when I began buying my own books, two things mattered to my choice of purchase: the author’s name and the publisher.

I knew that Tor, Baen, and Daw books would always give me dollar for dollar value in science fiction paperbacks. Burroughs, Vonnegut, Heinlein, Asimov, Norton, and Pohl would show me exciting adventures guaranteed to filter through my dreams a hundred times before I moved on to a new author. Libraries never offered enough for my burgeoning thirst for more each week.

The covers sold me on the book many times. The colorful example of setting or characters, crisis or aftermath, drew me inside the covers to where the real story lay. Those thicker, crisper outer pages were as much a part of the story as what hid between them.

I still buy books based on some of those aspects. Now, though, there’s Kindle to lure me into shedding dollars for fantastic stories that carry electronic covers that introduce the tale inside. The specs for those covers are rigid due to the medium of delivery, but the graphics haven’t changed that much. If anything, the image requirements have become more important.

And for the first time, the author is in charge of that aspect of her own branding. The story requires delivery by an eye-catching messenger. And that’s what has kept my attention for this week. I can’t guarantee that my chosen cover will make the book a best-seller, or even a great seller. I can only use the best one I can have produced for now and let curious readers decide if it’s enough.

The current delay in launch centers on a guest coming in from Canada for a couple of weeks. The book won’t wait that long, thankfully. A few more days and it will enter the world.

Thank you for coming by. I look forward to seeing you again.

See you soon with more news.


Launching into the Unknown

th_SilkenSpellsCourage wells up from the depths as this writer launches herself into the open for all the world to see and dissect.

Sure, I’ve been out there for a long time and people know me from blogs and my collaborative website, with Meena Rose. I still work with that site and will continue to do so. This site, however, is purely mine for the purposes of talking about writing with the readers who come here and for sharing my work in all genres.

This is my first flight on this new ship to my future. My hope is that everyone enjoys it. I know I’m going to enjoy filling its pages over the coming months and years.

Now, for my first official self-promotion, I’d like to announce that my first Kindle book will be released this week. I’m currently going over the final line edit and formatting, as well as acquiring its ISBN #.

This booklet is entitled “How-To Slay a Writer’s Dragon: or, Poor Richard’s Twisted Sister,” and it’s the first in a short series of booklets that cover aspects of writing that often complicate a writer’s life. My intent is to publish one booklet every other month, for a total of six volumes.

During alternate months I will publish short stories, focusing on characters from one or more of my novels-in-progress. In this case, YA novels. I don’t know yet how many of those short stories there will be. I do know that the first of the novels I’ll be plucking tales from will be “Wisher’s World: Composing an Apprentice.”

Sprinkled along the way will be books of poetry and Middle Grade Non-Fiction booklets on some of Nature’s fascinating subjects.

You can see now why I needed an author’s website. I’ve come to a point of needing a more focused platform, and this is the first portion of that focus.

My plan is to update this blog at least twice a week. Special occasions, such as a book launch, will have their own posts.

Please drop by often to see what’s happening in my world. I love to share my writer’s doings.

Until Wednesday, have a great week and keep the ideas flowing. Remember, for each idea lost, something terrific is plunged into darkness until it’s rediscovered by another.

See ya later,