At Home Update to Launch Date

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Yep, another week’s flown by. I worked hard getting my chapbook, Short Tales of Twisted Wishes, fully edited, formatted, and uploaded for launch on Kindle Singles.

With everything ready, technical difficulties of the writerly variety curbed the launch. In the end, and after working late last night to try to get them resolved, the only acceptable option was to take a slightly different route and another week. How, you ask? And why?

Length, time, and patience were the culprits. The book was too short in word count. The time needed for vetting the project was too long to do Singles. And my patience level—with self as much as anything—had approached the breaking point; hence, the new direction and an additional week.

One of the things writers learn over time is the flexibility in thought, planning, and execution is crucial to getting things done. And success, too, on whatever level one anticipates. Well, I flexed to loosen those mental muscles of mine. This is my solution.

Another group of flash fiction stories, using the same theme and the original chapbook, will be added. The difference between the two groups is old world vs. modern world. The pairing can work. The only reason the chapbook hadn’t used that formula to begin with was a desire on my part to put each grouping in its own book.

So there you have it, peeps; a longer chapbook for priced slightly higher and a week later than projected. It will go through KDP Select instead of Singles.

Plans are in the works to launch a new chapbook of flash fiction every six to eight weeks in series. Those small volumes will run counter months to the episodes of Wisher’s World, another fantasy story in the works for a while.

Also, now you all have a broader glimpse of some changes being made to my platform and my working life. Speaking of which, I just had a literary short story accepted at an Australian e-zine, Cats With Thumbs. I’ll stop in and post a link to it when it goes live.

U.S.A.My book, How to Slay a Writer’s Dragon, is due for an update in the next couple of weeks, as well. It’s slated to have a new cover, title, and additional text. So, get those cursor’s ready for some serious clicking, folks.

That’s it for today. Stand by for other announcements in future. Have a terrific week and keep the words flowing.

4 thoughts on “At Home Update to Launch Date

    1. Claudette Post author

      Thank you, lenanita. As to what a chapbook is, it’s a sample book of a person’s writing or style. Centuries ago, they began in central and western Europe and small hand-bound books.

      Now they’re usually between 10 and 20 pages of a writer’s work–short fiction, poetry, tidbits of wisdom, or the like. The purpose is to showcase the writer’s abilities or share a small sample of their work. That’s really all they are.

      Fortunately, they trend really well with the internet experience, because they take so little time to read.and are inexpensive. My particular book will run between 30-35 pages.

  1. jenanita01

    Thanks for that, Claudie. I do so hate it when I read something I don’t understand, and apart from Jaye, I’m the nosiest person I know. Chapbooks sound like a very good way of publishing all those short stories!

    1. Claudette Post author

      Yep, and you can do articles or any other kind of short non-fiction with them as well. They have purpose and are becoming very popular. I intend to be using them frequently over the next couple of years. Heaven help me, I already have several lined up. 🙂


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