About Me

Western Montana






Love of words came to me shortly before school began in first grade and never left me. The love of using words to tell stories on paper came in middle school. Now I get to use them, anytime I wish, because I know how to do it much better than ever before.

Time, patience, practice, studies, and marketing experience has led to my present stage of development. Thank God I made it, finally. If life hadn’t gotten in the way of this passion of mine, I could have jumped on this adventure much sooner and ridden its trail much farther.

And yet, here I am–a published poet, short story writer, content writer, and working on more large projects than I can contain on most days.

Can you tell that I love what I do? I hope so. It would be a bummer to have put in all this work and not made that plain to the world.

As to who I am, I am what I choose to be each day. I used to be corporate. I used to be a teacher of young adults in college. I even taught a special student within the mainstream environment. Most days, however, I am a writer, with all that that entails.

I live in NW Montana, where we can breathe clean air most of the year. Half an hour or so away is Glacier National Park from this place where wildlife is the next door neighbor. My larger neighborhood is terrific for sparking settings, plot-lines, and stories about nearly any subject one can conceive.

In all of this, I am blessed.