Welcome to my author’s website. I’m excited and delighted to have you here. Please come in and make yourself comfortable. There is plenty to see and read.

You’ll find that I have several avenues to explore here. My blog page will act as my home page and contain brief entries about current writing challenges, successes and failures. About Me gives you an introduction to who I am and what I do.

The Fiction and CNF (Creative Non-Fiction) Works-in-Progress pages will detail each of the active projects that are hanging around my desk for completion.  If it’s a tale, long or short, you’ll find out about it here. On occasion I intend to post a bit of story and ask for opinions, reviews of its readability, clarity, etc. from those who stop in. No one will ever know what will be there each week–not even me. Also among the selections will be those creative non-fiction pieces that are in the works. These may contain articles, memoir pieces, or instructional work. The posts here may be about pieces large or small, rough drafts or in revision, but all of them scream for my attention on a regular basis.

The Poetry page is self-explanatory. There will be Works-in-Progress to discuss, as well as samples of poetry written to prompts from around the ether zone.

The Long-Term Projects page holds the keys to those serialized WIPs (whether fiction/non-fiction) that will find completion over a period of months. These will–for now–be shorter works for Kindle and Kindle Singles. I’m very excited about them and have several plans on the board for that page.

The Currently on the Shelves page is one devoted to those books, stories, etc. that are published and can be read easily or purchased.

The Reviews page will have the periodic review of a book or website that has kept my attention long enough for me to enjoy it and the knowledge gained from it.

There are surprises along the way to this expanding adventure called writing. I hope to see you around often, as I hope to please you with my offerings.