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Attitude and Direction

Life lessons come in all shapes and sizes, densities and frequency. And the one lesson that’s been screaming at me for the longest time is attitude determines one’s direction.

The more I think about that statement, the truer it becomes. If you’re happy, all of life seems the same—happy. Experiences take on a glimmer shine that glasses over what might have been tarnishes the previous day. If you’re sad, finding happiness in the day is a chore, for a dimness seems to shadow everything around you.

When I speak about direction, I speak about no particular one. All direction is vulnerable.

It doesn’t matter whether one looks at career, personal relationships, personal health and wellness, or whatever—direction is determined by attitude.

Example: recent studies report that those who feel good in themselves, confident and open to new relationships, find love more often and have deeper commitments than those who don’t have a god positive self-image. Their relationships are stronger and more likely to last.

Here’s my instinctive thought on this example. When one feels confident, self-assured, and open to loving and committing, her/his attitude sparks reciprocity in those around them.

Conversely, low self-esteem breeds disapproval of self, which translates into a closing down of interactive channels. The person shuts down before relations can begin.

When I look at my own life, these last few years haven’t been easy on me. My relationships have been strained to the breaking point. Work (I.e. writing) has suffered. Health has suffered. Planning for a future had become near impossible. What I wanted and what I was getting were two entirely different animals.

I’ve had to create a new attitude toward everything, but mostly toward myself. I hadn’t failed. Far from it. I’d done more with less than I’d have believed in days gone by. I’d branched out in interests and study.

Still, my path was littered with old landmines, all ready to explode at a moment’s notice.

Finally, I shook up everything. I gave my life a hard reboot.

  • New, extensive nutrition plan for better health.
  • New workout routine to strengthen that healthier body.
  • New personal affirmations to reinforce what I knew to be true about myself and my efforts.
  • A new writing direction and enthusiasm that can take me through the next few years.
  • And a deeply-worked understanding of my relationships with others to smooth the way toward better communication with others.

In other words, I built a new roadmap for myself and it’s paying off.

My new direction will take into uncharted territory with any luck at all. The boldness with which I faced the world as a very young woman has returned. And I embrace it as a long-lost piece of my puzzle.

So, for those who have questioned their direction and their path, take heart. Attitude can solve many things, and the reason for that is an opening of new doors and windows to give access to hitherto unexplored territory. Take a chance and walk on the wilder side of your life for a change.

Until next time, a bientot,


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