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Beginning Again—As always

When Life Delivers Lemons

The express train of time has passed through my life for the past couple of months without pause. In fact, I think it’s speeding up and headed toward utter chaos.

After recovering from whatever virus had laid me low for nearly a month, I was informed that my rental house had been put on the market for sale. Yep, a week and a half before Christmas.

What the heck, I’d been sick through Thanksgiving. Now I’d miss Christmas too. Why, well, let’s consider that.

I’d already begun a major household de-clutter. I had boxes and bags for donation items filling corners. I had boxes filled with magazines, catalogs, etc. taking up half of a wall in the living room. Those were filled to the brim and waiting for pick-up by a recycling concern in the area. Then there were all the boxes and storage containers of stuff that were never unpacked from my move in. I’d had nowhere to put a lot of my possessions.

So, there I was, A double handful of days away from Christmas and needing to begin the packing process all over again. I found someone to get the recycled paper. Got rid of unwanted furniture, which cleared out a lot of space for packed boxes and containers. Began in frenzied earnestness on the last of the de-cluttering. And started the hunt for a new residence.

Now, I live in a tourist town with ski resorts, a national park and serious artist communities abound. The population is increasing by the day and the housing market is absurd, in both scarcity and rental prices.

You might se some of the obstacles impeding progress in my hunt for housing and my wallet for the monthly layout for rent and utilities.

I’ve viewed apartments for two weeks. Either more than I need (I’m trying to downsize and go as tiny as I can for me or they’re so small and chopped up at to be unrealistic. And all of them are outrageous for a town this size.

I’m involving real estate brokers now to try to find something. I’ve also never encountered a situation where application for an apartment required me to provide more financial info than I needed to qualify for my last VA loan on a house/property.

Frustration has set in. I’d be willing to buy an RV as a full-time residence if I could find a space to park it inside the city limits. I know, who would have thought. But at least with the RV I’d be able to move it when necessary. That would be a plus—to be able to take my house with me.

I’ve given up all hope of getting my script written for the film festival’s competition. I just don’t have time or the energy to juggle everything dealing with housing and trying to complete a script on deadline. So much for creativity this month.

Everything will stop for a few days next week after I have an eye procedure at the hospital. I work at remaining positive about the whole situation, but it’s getting tougher by the day.

But enough of that. I’ve whined long enough. If the Universe is willing, I’ll have found a place to live y February. Soon thereafter, I’ll get myself moved. I have decided on a moving company for that. And if the planets are aligned properly, I’ll be settled in before the middle of February and getting back to my real life.

I know, this is my real life and all the rest was mere fantasy. Let a gal dream, okay.

However, in my future is a lot of work. I’m planning on releasing a novelette/novella on a regular basis on Kindle. The stories will all be stand-alone but in a storyline sequence. It will be sci-fi in genre and will center on xeno-biologist and planetary survey specialists.

As I get closer to that first release date, I’ll begin posting excerpts on here so that everyone can get a taste of the story. There will be twelve released installments, so this is a long-term commitment.

While I’m doing that, I’ll be working on smaller projects. I’m doing a short film script for a competition. I have plenty of poetry to deal with, plus short stories, memoir pieces, and umpteen others sitting in the wings.

Well, that’s it for today. The Universe willing, I’ll be back on a regular schedule next week. Or as regular as I can make it.


Take care, all, and have a great weekend. Happy writing.

A bientot,


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