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Changing Directions

Now that we’re into the new year, things have shifted to reflect old and new interests. I chose to eliminate the ritual of resolutions. Instead, I chose two goals for attainment in this new chance at living in a manner I desire.

  1. Get stronger, healthier and fitter
  2. Produce (i.e., create something that gives me pleasure each day)

Ultimately, I seek more happiness in my life, both with myself and with what I do with each moment. I like being a creator and now I can let go of everyone else’s expectations and work to fulfill my own.

At the beginning of January, I prepared a schedule of writing-related projects, as well as creative endeavors harkening back to my former years. So far, I’ve managed to execute none of them.

Sad commentary, I know. Today was my first check-in meeting with a group of writing friends with whom I’ve met ever since virus lockdowns began. ZOOM is a wonderful avenue to walk when visiting others. The upshot of the meeting was renewed motivated for me.

Motivation to accomplish my writing projects and my more creative arts interests.

It’s not like I’d been doing nothing. I’d been gestating on research done for the past few months. I’d delved into historical methods of clothing construction, ancient methods of making certain tools and useful/necessary household items, etc. Lots of history and old-world crafts filtered through my days. Now, I’m ready to work with some of the new knowledge acquired for the purpose of storytelling.

Most of the rabbit warren info fits nicely into a series of short stories around the central theme of a group of traditional crafters living in the modern world. Other bits and baubs easily inhabit fantasy frameworks for stories short and long.

But, most of all, much of the new knowledge can lend flavor and texture to stories already begun but left unfinished. Those are the ones I most need to resurrect and submit for publication.

And so, the new scheduling can begin.

Along with injecting new life into old stories, I’ve decided to start a new chapter for this website. Each week I’m going to present a writing dilemma, problem or question for review and problem solving.

Hopefully, those who’re interested will find answers that assist them in moving their own writing along the path they’ve chosen. At worst, my efforts will act as a different perspective from which to view their own endeavors.

And that’s how things are going to work here. At least for the foreseeable future. I hope readers here will find interest in my words and maybe get a few ideas of their own to share.

In the meantime, folks, enjoy each day as it comes. Stay well and engaged. Don’t let isolation or disconnection rule. Reach out. Question. Learn something new—preferably something you never thought you’d be interested in. But most of all, find a reason to laugh. It’s good medicine and we all need some of that right now.

Until later, a bientot,


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