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Days of Future Past


Night has fallen again. Another day in a long procession of days filled with crisis and chaos, illness and recovery, anxiety and hope.

The world has come to expect tragedy with the daily news. Yet now, hope has renewed itself before winter’s hibernation begins. A staving off of illness has come to towns and cities across the land. Injections are now the hottest commodity.

Though hope has returned, dread also rides through the streets. Hunger and need have become almost as prevalent as disease itself. Hunger doesn’t discriminate and fear of home ejection doesn’t diminish with the passing days.

For those who’ve never known severe need in their lives, the shock can overwhelm and disturb beyond previous coping skills. For those who’ve known such conditions often in their lives, overwhelm doesn’t really enter the picture. It’s a normal day in the neighborhood.

Uncertainty has appeared in so many guises this past year. Disease, hospitalization, food distribution lines blocks long, all contribute to growing dissatisfaction and anger.

Politics took over so many lives and to what end. Division and discord erupt as violence and more hatred than before. Distrust seems to have taken control of so much of our lives.

Here we stand, on the precipice of a holiday meant to unite people in kindness, understanding and fellowship. Yet, large swaths of people cannot find it in their hearts or the hearts o their neighbors to live the season of good will.

During this time, I wish to speak favor on all who have need. Need of recovery and health, of adequate food and shelter for their families, need for kindness and compassion, need for restoration of hope and clarity of thought and deed, and most of all, those in need of love and understanding.

I speak this favor for its blessings can provide a blanket against the cold of intolerance. I speak favor as food for the spirit, which shrivels under the weight of discord and division. I speak favor as a wall against distrust and fear.

For any who wish to use this favor for their benefit and that of others, take all the blessings you find and nurture them, sharing them with all who surround you. Such sharing amplifies the goodness and strength of the blessings and the favor.

Most of all, speak your own favor on those around you and those far away. There is reward for the speaker. And that reward is self-knowledge and a peaceful heart.

Take special care during these next weeks of uncertainty and know you’ve been blessed by at least one person who cares.

A bientot,


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