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Frenetic Energy and the Writer


Yes, you saw that right—frenetic energy. And me.


It’s not often I can talk about the condition. But this past couple of weeks has been dominated by it.

I’m getting ready to go on a three-week vacation—well, almost three weeks. Preparation for the sojourn has been hectic and prolonged. There’s so much to do and so many reservations to make. Thank the Universe I have a good friend who can wheel and deal on airline reservations.


I don’t have an opportunity to travel often anymore. Hence, the lack of mastery for plane or train travel. I wanted train but couldn’t get it where I needed to go. I guess that trip will have to wait until I decide on a new destination for a different purpose.


This trip is all about family and reconnecting with those I haven’t seen in years. I’m fortunate in that they all want to see me and have opened welcoming arms to receive me into their homes. A good feeling.


But before I can leave, there are all those little details to take care of or put into place because of my absence.


And in the midst of all that stuff was a presentation I gave at last week’s Montana Women Writers meeting. It went very well and I was amazed at its reception.


It seems few, if any, had ever been introduced to the subject of light as a device in writing. You know how you’ve known forever and just assume that everyone knows it too? It was like that.


Because light is such an ingrained factor for me with my lack of vision, I figured the subtleties of light in literature, TV and movies would be old hat other writers too. I was wrong. None of them had ever thought or considered the use of that element in their work.


As a result of their enjoyment and surprise, I was asked by our local Authors of the Flathead associate president to speak at our conference next fall. Seems odd, given that the week prior, we’d had our 2019 Flathead River Writers Conference.


Like I said, frenetic. Along with that bit excitement was a request for an information blog post on the MWW website. Who knows where this serendipitous aspect might lead?


But for the next couple of days, my frenetic energy is concentrated on getting packed, getting laptop and assorted accessories ready for travel. The devil, as they say, is in the details.


I hope all of you out there have had an excellent autumn so far, busy or not. Here we’ve had our first hard freeze, snow all around—though not at my house—and the leave are turning. A bit later than usual, but our summer was late this year.


Autumn fruit trees are being stripped of their bounty. Soon children will run and jump through every pile of leaves they find. My squirrels will be gathering and hiding chestnuts all over the place.


And by the time I return home, Halloween will be only a week or so away. We’re coming into that time of holidays. For the first time, in a very long time, I’m actually looking forward to them.


Take care, peeps. See ya on the flip side. A bientot,







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