Yesterday was a milestone. The last of my furniture arrived at my condo—a desk promised to me back in February when I moved. Yes, nearly six months to the day since I moved. And plenty has changed for me, as it has for everyone since I last posted.

Truth be told, I was in no real shape to post after the move. You see, I broke my wrist that day, in the afternoon. A friend was helping me on the receiving end, while I was back at the departure side of things, trying to finish up for a last load. My advice—don’t make U-turns too quickly. I did, lost my balance and landed in a heap of pain and broken bones. Well, one bone—four places. And lest I forget, a wrenched knee on the same side.

Since then, I was casted for six weeks, in PT and OT for many more. Did I mention the severe bronchitis along the way? Well, there was that too. Of course, Covid-19 didn’t help. I did keep me in one place, like so many others.

The wrist kept me from getting my new residence in order. It still isn’t in order.

Why? It’s simple really. This past month I had to have corrective nerve surgery on the same hand as the wrist incident. I’m now in OT again. Hopefully this won’t last as long as the previous episode.

As for the desk, it has a temporary position in my living room. Not ideal, but workable for the moment. When the doctor releases me for heavy lifting, I can get my furniture where it belongs and the rest of my things put away. I’ve almost finished with the culling process that began before the move. It’s amazing what I’ve found that I can live without, especially when push comes to shove.

Pardon the clichés thrown around here like so many seeds cast upon the land.

As for the rest of my life, I’ve decided on a new direction for it. I’m going to use half of my time for the pursuit of physical creative arts and the rest for writing. For the first time in many years, I crave working with my hands in a more tangible way.

I’ve taken up painting again and jewelry making. Then there’s the macrame, crochet, sculpting, embroidery, and all the rest. These were passions of the past that have returned for repeat performances.

I know what many of my friends would say about this decision. How can you risk what’s left of your sight by straining it this way? I could choose to look at the situation that way. But, if I do that, all I’d really do is limit my life experience and my pleasure in creating by hand something pleasurable and of use.

I’ve taken to living my days with only two goals in mind. 1. Get strong, healthy and fit. 2. Produce, which I define as creation.

I’ve chosen to make each conscious act on my part as an act of creation. To make my bed is to create a calm sense of order in the room. To cook a healthy meal is to create health and strength while delving into the culinary arts. To present that meal to myself on good china with candlelight and a linen napkin is to treat myself with the same dignity and respect as would be given to any in a fine restaurant. After all, I deserve that kind of service, don’t I?

And so, I arrive at today—weather is cooler, a slight breeze and puffy clouds in the sky. All good. A house that is gradually coming into order with a calmer and neater future.

All is well for the moment.

And that is how I hope all are finding their day. I wish calm, order, and prosperity for all. This has been an unusually difficult year for everyone everywhere. May all who read this find peace and health in their future.

With luck, I’ll be back before long with updates and projects and creations completed. Take care, all. Blessings to you.


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