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Prepping, Scheduling, Learning

This past week has run the gamut of writer's activities. Once the site was up and functioning, I had even more to do. Planning and prep for coming posts, projects and personal deadlines.

Yep, the dreaded admin had struck again.

But, not to worry. Prepping can be almost as creative as the actual project. Case in point: pulling stories, articles and essays from backlog to front burner.

I don’t know how other writers decide which projects to work on and which to ignore at a given moment. For me, I choose according to which screams for attention the loudest. Which are those, you ask.

The loud screamers are those past projects that still haunt me. Ones I can’t quite lay aside or forget. They could be long or short, but they are tormented by being let in the dark on their back burners.

I’ve decided to take five screamers each week and work toward getting them through revision and edits so they can see the light at the end of the submission process.

This week’s chosen were easy. Three picture book manuscripts let behind long ago but never forgotten. They need little work. In fact, they’re ready as is. All I have to do is write the query letters and hit that magic button on the keyboard. That’s three down.

Number four is longer story—adult—that simply needs conversion from one format to another, a brief revision and edit and submission. I do believe that will carry me into next week. I did say longer, didn’t I? It’s several thousand words in length.

I also have an MG book to finish. I have several thousand words to go on it, then a revision and edit, query and submission.

Between these last two projects, are tiny bits. Flash fiction for submission to mags and contests. Poetry to mags and contests. And updated versions of work already on Amazon.

Okay, so a few more than I’d planned, but I’m experienced enough and honest enough with myself to know I won’t complete all of these this week. But I’ll get a good jump on them for completion next week.

The scheduling is easy really, along with crating deadlines for myself. When it comes to writing, I try never to miss a deadline. Especially one imposed by a publication. My own are a different matter, but still strive to meet them. It’s like keeping a promise, if only to myself.

Housework, decluttering and the rest can go on hold for a few days at a time. Writing, not so much.

As for learning, there are several programs and bits of software I need to learn. I’ve been picking up some bits and pieces all week. The heavy learning is coming and needs to be finished by the end of the month. That deadline is fixed.

You see, I got a new dragon and we’re not very well acquainted yet. That gets fixed soon. Along with a few other software updates.

And there you have my week, both since I was here last and what’s coming before next time ‘round.

I hope your week has proven productive, enjoyable, and growth-enhancing. Have a great week and weekend. See ya soon.

A bientot,


PS: My lesson for today—small changes create beautiful results.

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