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Stepping Back

Taking a Good Look at What and Why

When I say "step back", I mean pause long enough to decide if my current path is one I wish to continue following.

I did just that this summer. For a variety of reasons. And this is/was my decision.

I'd already begun a major de-clutter of my physical world. Honestly, my house looks like a tornado hit it. I was ready to pull the plug on nearly everything I owned. Why? Because I was tired of carrying it around with me.

I tend to move often. Well, more often than most people. I want to move again--to downsize drastically. Not to a different town but to a different location/dwelling. Hence, the extreme de-clutter project.

I was almost finished when it hit me. I really needed to do the same thing with old work sitting on my hard drive, waiting for submission somewhere. Most of the stuff is already written All it needs is revision and editing.

I went through some of those files a few years ago and sorted, speculated and released a few. You know how that goes. New projects whisk away thoughts of clearing out the old.

Have you ever noticed how when you ignore certain things, they tend to procreate in the dark, only to overwhelm you when brought into the light?

Uh, huh. Yeah, that's my hard drive.

Now I have hundreds of tiny and not-so-tiny projects to deal with. All of those became my focus. Not just for the rest of this year, but probably next year as well.

All of the accompanying tasks of writing get to go along for the ride. A new website, working on Instagram, New markets. New habits to develop.

Now, if you think that's not enough, there's also the new exercise regimen for daily use, a newly modified Keto regimen for making into a lifestyle, and new attitudes for daily practice.

You heard that right. A whole new me to go along with a whole new writing adventure. Making good on all those stories I'd left dangling over the abyss of obscurity.

And there you have my future, mapped out and made public for accountability. I need that too.

As I complete projects and send them out, I intend to post about it here. A once a week report on what I've gotten done and sent out. We'll see how this goes. If it becomes too painful, I might have to modify the intentions.

Until my report next week, I hope your time is productive and satisfying.

A bientot, my friends,


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