Now that this site is actually functioning, I can move forward. I wasn't sure how long it was going to take. In the interim, I took the time to plan.

Plan what? A routine schedule to help keep me on track and accountable.

For the past couple of years, my only real schedule was sloppy at best. It needed to become more rigid, solid and productive.

My day begins earlier now. I take time to do an hour's workout, followed by an hour of meditation, straight out of the chute. Only then will I allow myself the privilege of booting up the computer and beginning work of a different sort.

I force myself to get out of the chair at least once an hour. During that walk-about in the house, I'll do a couple of little jobs that take tiny increments of time, but which make a bigger impact on my life. Clearing kitchen counters, doing a quick clean in the bathroom, folding laundry. You get the drift.

After ten or fifteen minutes of domestic chores, I move back to the chair and begin again--this time on a different project than the one I was working on previously.

Unless I have an appointment elsewhere, I can work on several projects a day. At the beginning of the week, I pull out my marketing lists and see what I have in backlog that can go out. Those are the projects I concentrate on for the week. Well, those and one large novel/script-length project. I don't dare put those on the back burner any longer.

And there you have my plan/routine/etc. for the coming months.

What will I do in those hours unused by the computer?

Oh, there's a quilt I want to begin, watercolor painting I'm trying to master, plenty of reading left unopened, and a house to finish up de-cluttering. That project is almost done, thankfully.

Plenty to do, tons to write and send out, networking to accomplish, physical fitness to embrace, and a re-built nutrition plan to devour.


And did I mention the fellowships for writer-in-residence positions I plan to apply for. Oh, yeah, looking to travel to broaden my horizons, too.

So, until I see you back here next week, I hope your plans come together as you wish.

A bientot,


Note: Photo courtesy of Peepers Photography

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