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The Bell is Poised to Toll

Thanksgiving has passed and NaNoWriMo has only three more days before it expires for another year.

What will I do with my time? Truthfully, I’ve done little writing this month. I had two readied projects for working but neither got further than a few pages.

My brother and his wife have spent most of the month in hospital. The world’s nemesis took them by surprise after a well-earned holiday with the family. And they’re the only ones who succumbed.

Brother finally got to be taken out of ICU for more than a few hours. Wife is stable and doing fantastically well, according to reports He will have to stay a while later to prevent complications of a cardiac nature. At present, they’re both in a rehab facility.

Why rehab when they still suffer from the virus? Because hospitals are full and getting fuller by the day. So now, we wait. Wait before sister-in-law goes home. Wait to see how many complications will arise on either/both of them. Wait to see when he might be able to leave hospital/rehab. Patience is learned during enforced waiting times.

One thing he wanted me to tell everyone I knew Do whatever it takes to protect yourself and your family from contracting this disease. You really don’t want to stare death in the face, not knowing if you’ll get a reprieve.

As for me, I seldom go anywhere unless absolutely necessary, and then I go masked and gloved, if necessary. Doctors offices, public transit and public restrooms are not exactly sterile. And neither is the grocery store.

So, I’m learning to take small steps into progress with my own battle against a sedentary lifestyle—I’m creating an exercise regiment to keep me more active in-home.

I’m taking a more active interest in my dietary regiment and trying to make cooking fun and exploratory.

I take as many tutorials and research dives into rabbit holes to keep my mind active. Socializing might not be happening right now, but I can always learn a new skill, perfect an old one, or generally make every act a creative and meaningful one.

And that’s my report from the trenches. Zoom, Skype and phone calls help to keep connections current and isolation at bay. Doing what you can to create an atmosphere of learning and art in your home can help keep mental distress and depression dampened down. And finding patience with yourself can achieve unexpected benefits.

Take care, peeps. Stay safe and don’t let today’s political situation dictate how you manage your life responsibilities and personal safety and that of your family and friends.

With vigilance, I’ll be back to report in again soon.

A bientot,


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